WACD 2017


WACD 7th annual meeting Sept 21-22nd at the fantastic Dream Inn in Santa Cruz, CA

Another great meeting for all Core Directors, Managers, Administrators and Staff

Theme:  Dream, Design, Discover –  Embracing Change in Cores and Careers. 


We are very excited to announce this year's Keynote Speaker:


Dr. Holden Maecker, Stanford University School of Medicine
Dr. Holden Maecker, Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr Maecker is the Director of the Human Immune Monitoring Center and Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford.  He has made many contributions to the field of flow cytometry, while at Stanford and previously at BD Biosciences.  He is well known for his work on functional assays for monitoring the human immune system, and on the use of mass cytometry for highly multiparametric immune monitoring. At Stanford, he studies the cellular immune response to pathogens and cancer, and the correlation of those responses with protection from clinical disease, with the goal of enabling better vaccine development and monitoring of individuals undergoing immunotherapy.


Four main sessions over the two days:

  1. Stem Cells,

  2. Agile/Lean Management,

  3. Career tracks for core staff, and

  4. Novel approaches to instrumentation.


Andy Chitty is our ABRF Executive Board representative speaker this year


Registration is now live!  


WACD travel awards are available again this year.  Check the Travel Awards page on the WACD website for details about the application process. 

Awards are evaluated in terms of financial need and impact on the applicant’s institution and core facility.  Deadline for applications will be July 25, 2017.  


Details about WACD 2017 updates will be posted on our website all through the summer, so keep checking back.  And please encourage your colleagues to join us!  We want to continue to expand western core community, so let them know about WACD.  Anyone interested can sign up to receive information and upcoming newsletters by creating an account on our website.


Let us know if you have any questions at the.wacd@gmail.com.  We look forward to seeing you all in sunny California!


Your 2017 WACD Organizing Committee:

Ann Norton (President), Bari Nazario (Vice President/Host), Bridget McLaughlin (Treasurer), Elizabeth Sinclair(Secretary), Tamara Max, Kristen Jepsen, Diane Miller, Rochelle Kelley, Sara Bowen