Upcoming Workshops

UC Davis Summer Short Course in Flow Cytometry (July 20-24, 2015)

This comprehensive week-long course will cover the fundamentals of flow cytometry in a lecture format supplemented by afternoon lab sessions designed to teach students how a cytometer works, how to understand flow cytometry data, how to properly set up a cytometer for standardized performance, how cell sorting works, and other specialized applications. Lead instructors are Bridget McLaughlin, Director and Jonathan Van Dyke, Manager of the UC Davis Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Laboratories, who have extensive experience in all aspects of flow cytometry and cell staining. Thanks to the support of our flow cytometry industry partners, tuition includes lunch and morning and afternoon coffee breaks each day – this encourages networking discussion in an informal setting. This course is affordable, educational, and fun – Here are some comments from last year’s course:

"I had a small amount of background but the course solidified my understanding of the basics and proper panel design."
"Loved the class, feel very confident that I can delve into deeper parts of flow and be able to figure things out on any machine. Definitely makes me want to beg the lab to buy an Amnis!"
"For an introductory user, a balance of basic information (how does a flow cytometer work?) and more advanced topics was perfect. I have learned so much!"
"This was the best $350 I've spent on a workshop or conference! So incredibly helpful! Please continue the course so others can benefit!"
"The Amnis lab was an absolute blast, the smaller lab size definitely made asking questions easy. Their machine was a fun way to start labs/get excited to apply day 1/2 info. To such a cool system.  Wednesday presentations – effective/valuable?  Most applicable day to me, starting to understand how to design the use of >2 colors and make 8-12 color panels not seem so scary."
"The FloJo lab was excellent! Really got a good overview of the capabilities of FloJo."  

To download the course flyer, click here.

University of Virginia Business Skills Workshop - Register Now! (June 3-5, 2015)

Registration is now open for the "Business Skills for Core Directors, Managers & Administrators" workshop, held at the University of Virginia Darden Education Facility. This 2-day workshop is an exciting opportunity for core personnel to learn about effective business strategies and informed decision making. The event will run from June 2-3, 2015, preceding the joint Mid-Atlantic Directors and Staff of Scientific Cores (MAD SSCi) and Southeastern Association of Shared Resources (SEASR) conference at UVA on June 3-5, 2015. For event and registration information, please take a look at the workshop program (download), or visit the MAD SSCi website.